Siaproyectos cares about you and that is divided into several specialized departments according to their needs


Department dedicated to the refurbishment of individuals, with their own staff.
In this department we understand the concerns of clients in the sense that in some cases housing reforms are taken so that the quality, speed and cleanliness is an important factor in care at the highest level and always managed and led by an Architect technical.

New construction and renovations:

implementation of projects of architects and surveyors to implement and complete rehabilitation of housing both independent and in block of flats

Running Premises:

specializes in execution speed and quality of work as long as we understand the needs of our customers and this is what you need to open your business as soon as possible.


Technical department:

composed of architects, surveyors and engineers to execute construction projects and local licenses to open, acoustic certificates, environment, etc ... This department is directly linked to each other to provide a key service in your hand comprising work from the geotechnical study of the land to the interior decoration of your home.


maintenance contracts in its own staff for shopping centers, condominiums, independent houses, this department works closely with Siajardineria to offer a more complete service both gardens as civil works.